Saturday, December 10, 2016

OpenGridMap - Help to collect data and produce power grid approximations for CIM

OpenGridMap is a new open community that crowdsources realistic power grid data to be used for research purposes. Here you will find the tools for crowdsourcing power grid data. The goal is to create an open platform for inferring realistic power grids based on actual data. Our vision is to provide a tool to researchers and practitioners that is able to produce realistic input data for simulation studies. OpenGridMap will support the entire process from data collection to formatting grid data for various purposes. We explore innovative ways to capture data and produce power grid approximations, e.g., using smartphone apps, drones, expert classification, existing map APIs, and graph inference algorithms.

Click HERE to visit the OpenGridMap website.

The next step would be to convert the collected data into a CIM and SCL format ... it is underway for CIM (Common Information Model):

OpenGridMap: towards automatic power grid simulation model generation from crowdsourced data
By Jose Rivera, Technische Universität München

"OpenGridMap is an open source project that crowdsources realistic power grid data to be used for research purposes. In this paper, we propose an approach for the automatic generation of power gird simulation models from crowdsourced data. The proposed approach orders the crowdsourced data into a power circuit relation which is then used to produce a CIM description file and subsequently a power grid simulation model. ..." ... and I guess the modelling in IEC 61850-6 SCL (System Configuration Language) will follow soon - I am sure.

Click HERE for the above mentioned paper.

More to come as discussed during the Training Courses conducted by NettedAutomation this week in Karlsruhe:

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