Saturday, December 24, 2016

New: Modelling of Logics for IEC 61850 Based Applications

IEC TC 57 has published a very interesting proposal (57/1814/DC; 49 pages) for modelling logics:

IEC TR 61850-90-11, Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-11: Methodologies for modelling of logics for IEC 61850 based applications

Comments are expected by 2017-02-03

This part of IEC 61850 describes the methodologies for the modelling of logics for IEC 61850 based applications in power utility automation. In particular, it describes the functional view of logic based on existing logical nodes for generic process automation and the operational modes of the logic. Furthermore it includes the specification of the standard language to be applied to specific the logic as well as the related data exchange format between engineering tools and their application as well as the mapping of logic elements to IEC 61850 data types.

The IEC 61131-3 PLC programming language is used to describe syntax of functions.

Example PLD (Programmable Logic Description): The PLD file contains the logic unit program code in PLC OpenXML format, representing the description of the logic programmable scheme that can then be mapped to a GAPC LN instance. Excerpt:

... more to come next year.

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