Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KYLAND – IEC 61850 Modeling for Switch Management

Kyland is proud of using IEC 61850 for information exchange of network management information. They write in a white paper:


The IEC61850 Modeling technology can be used to manage industrial Ethernet switches based on IEC61850 protocols. This white paper describes the models and typical applications of the technology. …

In the development of IEC61850, Ethernet switches constitute the communication platform between process layer and substation layer networks. IEC61850 does not take Ethernet switches as devices. However, the monitoring, management, and configuration of Ethernet switches will be gradually incorporated into the entire system in actual applications, which is required by running the system normally, fault diagnosis and alarming.

… Therefore, developing IEC61850-based industrial Ethernet switches management model is one of the key technologies for convenient management of a smart grid.

… Besides key protection, measurement, and monitoring functions, more and more monitoring systems (including the management and monitoring system for communication facilities such as industrial Ethernet switches) will be incorporated into the IEC61850 management system with its openness and interoperability. In the near future, intelligent unmanned substations and infrastructure will be a reality.”

Kayland has defined two specific logical nodes:

ZSWM is the switch management node, a general feature of a switch; ZSWP is the switch port management node, management and status information of a switch port.

ZSWP is based on port. Therefore, each device can contain multiple ZSWP instances:

PortCsPktNum - Number of collision packets
PortCrcPktNum - Number of CRC packets
PortShortPktNum - Number of short packets
PortLongPktNum - Number of long packets
PortBCPktNum - Number of broadcast packets
PortMCPktNum - Number of multicast packets
PortRcvPktNum - Number of total packets received
PortRcvOctetNum - Number of total octets received

More to come.

MMS – Makes Management Simpler

Click HERE for the Kayland White paper.

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