Friday, August 23, 2013

Cyber security key management for power system equipment

IEC TC 57 has just published a new committee draft:57/1388A/CD

IEC 62351-9:
Power systems management and associated information exchange – Data and communications security – Part 9: Cyber security key management for power system equipment

Closing date for comments is: 2013-11-15

Please contact your TC 57 national body to get a copy of the CD.

The present document cancels and replaces the previous document 57/1388/CD and differs merely by the project number IEC 62351-9 (previously IEC TS 62351-9); the document is intended to be issued as an IEC International Standard (IS) and no longer as an IEC Technical Specification (TS).

The normative clauses are:

7 General key management requirements
8 Asymmetric key management
9 Symmetric key management

I highly recommend to review that document to make sure to get a consistent set of requirements applicable for all IEDs in the whole energy market – not only in the electric power delivery system.

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