Thursday, July 18, 2013

IEC 61850 – How to use the Standard in Substations?

The German mirror committee of IEC TC 57 (DKE K 952) is quite active in supporting IEC 61850 and helping the utility industry to discuss the application of IEC 61850 and provide feedback to the international standardization. Congratulation to all experts that have contributed to that work for many years! Well done!
The final documents of the modeling and engineering group provide a great inside view into the many use cases of IEC 61850 in protection and substation automation. The crucial results are written in English, too. Four out of seven topics are published in English:
  1. Überblick [DE] / Overview [EN]
  2. Engineeringprozess [DE] / Engineering Process [EN]
  3. Engineeringwerkzeuge [DE]
  4. Modellierungsrichtlinie [DE] / Modeling Guide [EN]
  5. Mustermodellierung [DE]
  6. Applikationsbeschreibungen [DE] / Application Description [EN]
  7. Weitere Applikationen [DE]
Click HERE to access the above documents. The pdf documents are free to download.

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