Saturday, July 13, 2013

IEC 61850: Phoenix Contact offers special Ethernet Ring Solution

Phoenix Contact (Germany) published a paper “IEC 61850 verknüpft Energie- und Automatisierungsnetz” (IEC 61850 connects Energy Networks and Automation Networks) in the latest issue of the Magazine Computer & Automation (July 2013).

IEC 61850 is understood as a huge benefit in the energy delivers system because it is accepted globally.

Phoenix Contact offers special Managed industrial Ethernet switches that combine extensive network performance and security features with complete IEEE redundancy (STP/RSTP/MST) and 15 ms recovery time extended ring redundancy.

The extended ring redundancy is offered as a cost-effective redundancy solution – compared to solutions based on PRP and HSR.

Click HERE for further information on the IEC 61850-3 compliant Ethernet Switches.

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