Monday, July 29, 2013

IEC 61850/IEC 61499 Based Engineering

You may remember the papers on the use of IEC 61850 in conjunction with IEC 61499 published a few years ago:

Since then a couple of papers on the subject have been published. One of the latest has been published today:

G. Zhabelova, C.-W. Yang, V. Vyatkin , “SysGrid: IEC 61850 and IEC 61499 based engineering process for Smart Grid system design”, IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN’13), Bochum, July 29-31, 2013

Abstract — The paper proposes a novel computer-aided model-based system engineering process for Smart Gird applications. The process is supported by the SysGrid tool that plays the roles of system configurator and device configurator.
The design process starts with single line diagrams which are automatically transformed to executable function block specifications. The process is based on the Smart Grid control architecture that is a heterogeneous network of controllers communicating in a peer to peer manner. This “artificial nervous system” of the Smart Grid will be capable of self-healing and dynamic adaptation to renewable generation and ever-changing loads. The tool supports system-level design of automation logic in the form of function block networks with compliancy to IEC 61499. The capabilities of SysGrid are demonstrated through the process of designing a distributed protection application.

Click HERE to download the full paper.

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