Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RePower reports on successful applications of IEC 61400-25 in North America

Amir Zohar and Frank Wolfmeier (both from RePower) have published a great paper on the use of IEC 61400-25 (based on IEC 61850) in the North American wind energy market in the magazine “North American Windpower” (issue October 2012).


“Wind farm owners and operators have been quick to recognize that this
standard will facilitate the integration of their projects. EDF Renewable
Energy (formerly enXco) is currently completing the installation of its first
of two projects with IEC6140-25. … SCADA companies are beginning to
notice the potential of IEC 61400-25.

The wind energy industry is constantly aiming to increase efficiency as
it strives to become competitive with traditional power generation. … and
having a standard for communication will help overcome these issues and other operational difficulties.”

I have met Amir Zohar recently in Denver (CO). He is a smart engineer that believes and trusts in the standard IEC 61400-25 – he sees a bright future of the application of this standard in the wind industry all over.

Access the article on IEC 61400-25 in the “North American Windpower” (issue October 2012).

RePower offers Wind Turbines with IEC 61400-25.

2012/2013 IEC 61400-25/61850 Training Opportunities in Frankfurt, Cape Town, Atlanta (GA), and Phoenix (AZ)

Introduction to IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 – two Papers available for download.

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