Monday, October 1, 2012

Java SDK for MMS and IEC 61850 available

Monfox (Cumming, GA, USA) implemented the DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK as a Standalone platform-independent software development kit and API which implements the core message defined in ISO 9506 Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) required for implementation of most client and server MMS and IEC 61850 / 61400-25 applications.

The SDK is a simple Java MMS service-based API and OSI protocol stack for performing MMS operations over OSI/RFC1006 (TCP/IP). It provides a 100% Java, fully-interoperable, standard-compliant implementation for:

  • Core MMS services from ISO 9506-1
  • OSI Association Control Service Element (ACSE)
  • OSI Presentation Layer
  • OSI Session Layer
  • OSI Transport Layer
  • RFC1006 (OSI over TCP/IP)
  • IEC 61850 Client/Server Support

More information on MMS in Java for IEC 61850 can be found here.

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