Monday, October 15, 2012

Next Step towards a Web Service Mapping in IEC 61850

IEC TC 57 has published the

Draft IEC TR 61850-80-3 (Document 57/1292/DC):
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 80-3: Mapping to Web Services – Requirement Analysis and Technology Assessment

This document will serve as a basis for the creation of a new Specific communication service mapping (SCSM): the future IEC 61850-8-2.

The document (written by WG 17) is circulated in order to get feedback from a wider range of experts, mainly on the global approach and on the requirements of each involved domain.
The TC 57 P-members are invited to submit comments to this draft
by 2013-01-04 at the latest.

The following solutions are considered as candidates:

  1. OPC UA
  2. IEC 61400-25-4 Annex A
  3. DPWS (Devices Profile for Web Services)
  4. IEC 61968-100 (TC 57 WG 14 approach of using XML)
  5. RESTful Web Services over Websockets
  6. XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)

It is still the objective to chose ONE of these solutions and publish it as IEC 61850-8-2 in the future.

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person0303 said...

Today MMS protocol is used generaly in substations.
Web services could be used for remote applications such as communication between wind power plants and centralized power generation.
So my questions are : when the web service mapping will be finish, IEDs are expected to communicate with web service and with the MMS protocole or only with MMS?
In the case that IEDs could only communicate with MMS, how would it possible to make a link between the MMS stack and web services?