Monday, March 26, 2012

Smart Grids – A 19th century invention

Intelligent, safe electrical power distribution networks were invented at the start of electrification and have been further developed up to the present day. Electrical fuses, protective devices and monitoring devices have been phenomenal in the protection of life and technical installations for more than 100 years. Without these "smart" devices a fault-free, fail-safe electrical energy supply system would be inconceivable and the supply of electrical energy much too dangerous.

Since the 19th century engineers have developed, tested, used on a large-scale and continuously improved suitable solutions for the safe and reliable operation of the rapidly growing supply of ever more applications with electrical energy. During the sustained further development of the supply systems, it is necessary to handle the available resources (energy sources, technical installations and individuals with experience) as well as the laws of physics both responsibly and in a "smart" manner.
Smart grids help to make it possible to use physics safely and reliably for the benefit of man – in the past, today and in the future.

A new paper discusses some aspects of the development of Smart Grids.

Download the Smart Grid paper in English single sided or double sided.

Laden Sie das Smart Grid paper in Deutsch im Einseiten-Format herunter oder im Doppelseiten-Format.

The papers will be published by Bender (Gruenberg/Germany) in the Bender magazine MONITOR 01/2012.

Bender creates new technologies for safe handling of electrical power; to ensure the protection of people and the safe operation of machines, systems and manufacturing plants.

IEC standards are quite important for Bender! Mr Wolfgang Hofheinz (CTO of Bender) is President of the DKE (German national committee of the IEC international standardization organization) since 2010.

Check which IEC product standards and guidelines Bender applies

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