Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IETF Energy Management WG (EMAN) inspired by IEC 61850 and CIM

IETF EMAN, Energy Management, is an active WG that is modeling (in the MIB) a lot of power related real world objects “connected” one way or the other to a network.  SNMP is used to access this information. The objective of Energy Management (EMAN) is to provide an energy management framework for networked devices.

Networked devices could be Ethernet switches, routers, battery controller, other storages,  gateways, … more or less anything that is connected to a network!

The WG sees IEC 61850 as the most applicable standard to EMAN. Concepts from IEC 61850 and CIM have been reused (somehow) by the EMAN WG. A closer cooperation of the models would be appreciated by the next generation of engineers and programmers …

There is ONE real world – many models could be thought of to describe that single real world. I hope that for energy applications we will prevent to get too many models. IEC 61850 models should be used as default solution in all devices closely connected to the physical level of energy systems … different notations and protocols may be used BUT the content/semantic should be identical!

A MMXU should model the 3-phase electrical system – all over and in all models.

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