Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DOE spends US$ 615 Million for the Smart Grid Demonstration Program

The first presentation of the Session on "Interoperability for a Smart Grid" during the IEEE PES GA in Minneapolis yesterday (2010-07-26) was titled: "Interoperability and the Federal Role" (by Dan Ton; Chris Irwin and Steve Widergren).

Chris Irwin (a member of the Department of Energy team administering the Smart Grid
Investment Grants, and is responsible for standards and interoperability activities, including participation in the NIST-led Smart Grid Interoperability Framework) pointed out that INTEROPERABILITY of devices and systems is key for building a smarter grid: "... given the importance of a smart electric system to meet national economic, societal, and environmental
objectives, a federal role is taking shape in the United States to improve the integration of automation elements and thus make smart grid a reality."

He reported that the federal government will spend "US$ 615 million for the Smart Grid
Demonstration Programs
. ... To ensure that these investments have a lasting, positive effect to the nation, great attention is being given to address the interoperability".

The standards IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 are crucial standards in this context - also in North America. I talked yesterday to many conference attendees. Most of them are convinced that these standards will have a big impact on the devices and systems - in order to make them interoperable. Interoperability has first to be understood by smart people. Peopleware is key to the success of interoperability and smart(er) grids.

Click HERE to read the abstract of the paper.

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