Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Spend $45 Billion for Smart Grids by 2015?

Estimated spending for Smart(er) Grids during the next five (5) years will be more than $45 Billion ( - according to a forecast.

Some "will be invested globally in the electrical Transmission and Distribution infrastructure through 2015, compared to $4.8 billion for the purchase and installation of smart meters. This infrastructure spending will focus on grid automation and control, distribution automation, distributed generation and demand response programs.”

If only five (5) per cent would go into smart(er) communication based on IEC 61850 then this would sum up to $ ($2 Billion) !! ... $ 400.000.000 per year.

Any question? ;-)

Hope there are enough smart engineers ...

Click HERE to read the news release from ABI.

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