Thursday, July 1, 2010

Danish Power System with 50 per cent Wind Energy - with the help of IEC 61400-25

The Danish TSO Energinet is challenged by several questions like:

  • How should the Danish power system be designed to securely handle 50 % wind power generation?
  • What technical solutions can offer necessary system services in such a system? And how can the electricity market be designed to support the power system?
  • Can Denmark expect neighboring countries to provide the present or even an increased contribution to our growing need for resources to balance supply and demand?
  • And what can we do to mitigate the dependency on neighbors resources and interconnections?

The project was initiated to find the best solutions to meet these requirements. One key issue is the information and communication technologies. Since Denmark is one of the key countries involved in the definition of the IEC Standard IEC 61400-25 (Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants ) it is no surprise that the report on phase 1 states:

The international "communication standard for wind power is IEC61400-25: the standard will provide a critical measure to manage the rapidly growing wind power penetration – such a standard can really make a difference. Through communication standards the current state of the individual wind plant can be controlled and monitored when required, and counter measurements can be enforced if needed, in order to meet the changing demand for energy and to provide support to the overall power system operation."

Click HERE for the complete Report on phase 1.

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