Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Native Ethernet, IEC 61850 and Emerson Process Management

One of the real benefits of IEC 61850 is that it uses native Ethernet - not one of the many specialized "Ethernet Solutions". IEC 61850 compliant IEDs can easily communicate with any system that provides native Ethernet and TCP/IP connectivity. Ethernet for GOOSE and Sampled Values and Ethernet/TCP/IP for Client-Server communication (Get, Set, Control, Reporting events, browse the IEDs, logging events, ...).

Emerson Process Management announced on June 09, 2010, that its new Ovation™ Ethernet Link Controller I/O Module supports IEC 61850 connectivity.

"Applications protocol packages can be loaded onto the Ethernet Link Controller I/O Module, enabling Emerson to extend its PlantWeb™ digital architecture and Ovation system beyond traditional plant boundaries. One such protocol package is IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61850, which has emerged as a global standard for Substation Automation (SA). Integrating data from electrical devices used in generators, switchgear, transmission lines, transformers and substations drives more-informed decision making throughout the organization."

Click HERE for the press release.

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