Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Analysis of Wind Power Plant Information Flow

A very interesting study of the many information flows in a wind power plant system has been done by a Swedish student:

Master Thesis
A wind power plant system structure based on analysis of
wind power plant information flow
By Ivan Löfgren, Stockholm, Sweden 2009

The thesis provides an excellent overview and many useful details on the information flow in wind power plants! It is really worth to read - not only by wind power experts but also by experts of other application domains.

One of his findings are summarized in the following trend statement:

"The current trends in the architecture incorporate the following aspects:

  • Standardization for both the communication (TCP/IP protocol), and also for the information models (IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25).
  • Existence of a unified information model which allows a common
    language to be used between all the wind power plant components.
  • Access from any location to any element of the wind power plant.
  • Existence of an element dedicated solely to the management of

In definitive terms, the new architecture is designed to standardize not only the data access, but also the information from each one of the components that makes up the wind power plant. ..."

Click HERE for the full thesis [pdf].

Congratulation to Ivan Löfgren - he did a great job!!

Click HERE for all information on IEC 61400-25 on this blog.


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