Thursday, October 1, 2009

smart grid - Smart IEDs - SMART PEOPLE

Dalibor Kladar talks on his blog about substation integration benefits and starts with the statement: "The intelligence of power system (PS) is concentrated in HW/SW products for substation automation and integration. Those products common name is - Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). The IED is the ‘building block’ of SG".

A statement: "This is an IED" does not mean that the HW and SW is really intelligent. In many cases the "I" in "IED" stands for "Ignorant" - Ignorant Electronic Device.

How does the intelligence come into devices to make them intelligent? By magic? No - there are hundreds of engineers, programmers, architects, accountants, managers, ... involved one way or the other. Many smart people help to make devices and systems really intelligent - others block even interested people to get involved, to get the needed knowledge, education and skills to build and use intelligent devices and systems!

A lack of education or knowledge in the area of information, information exchange and configuration of systems in the domain of Smart Grid will endanger our daily need for secure electric power.

During the last 5 years I have trained some 2.000 people from more than 350 companies and from some 50 countries in the area of advanced international smart grid standards for IEDs. It is quite obvious: smart grids are build by smart IEDs - that are developed by SMART PEOPLE - that are trained by other SMART PEOPLE.

We can help smart people to learn the benefits of standards like DNP2, IEC 60870-6-TASE.2 (ICCP), IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 61850, IEC 61968/70 CIM, ... and how to build smart(er) grids.

Click HERE to get more information on education opportunities in Frankfurt (Oct. 20-23), San Antonio (Oct. 29-30), Brisbane (Nov. 30), Sydney (Dec. 02).

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