Friday, October 9, 2009

Interoperability, secure Investments and IEC

While some 50 IEC TC 57 experts from all over were meeting in Los Angeles this week to work on Interoperability Standards, the US Government announced a Comprehensive Energy Plan. One objective of the plan is to "support $ 32 Billion in loan guarantees and create $40-50 Billion in project investments" another is to "providing $750 million to accelerate conventional renewable energy projects" ... many dollars will be used to develop and use interoperable information and communication standards.

The information and communication technology for the Smart(er) Grids requires a high level of syntactic and semantic interoperability of the various products, solutions and systems that build up the future power system. Furthermore the specific requirements like long term investment security in existing interoperability standards (like IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61968/70, DNP3, ...) and legacy systems must be considered. These two rationales - interoperability and investment security - make it absolutely necessary to base all developments and investment of Billions of Dollar or Euros on a sound framework of sustainable interoperability standards. IEC and especially IEC TC 57 are developing crucial elements of this framework.

Click HERE for the US Government press release (2009-10-07)
Click HERE for the US Government presentation (2009-10-07)
Click HERE for IEC TC 57 Scope (Power systems management and associated information exchange)
Click HERE for the list of experts of WG 19 "Interoperability within TC 57 in the long term"
Click HERE for information on the IEC Special Group on Smart Grids (SG 3).

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