Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Repository of Ransomware Incidents Against Critical Infrastructures

Aunshul Rege, Ph.D., Associate Professor Trusted CI Open Science Cybersecurity Fellow 2019 Department of Criminal Justice | Temple University

wrote today:

"I'd like to share a potentially useful FREE resource that my team and I have created. In September 2019, we started a repository of ransomware incidents against critical infrastructures. These are based on publicly disclosed incidents in the media or security reports. This repository now has 642 records assembled from publicly disclosed incidents between 2013 and June 2020. So far, we have had download requests from industry, researchers, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, so we hope that this repository might be of use to this community.

Please visit to request a download. Funded by my NSF CAREER Award #1453040. "

The Version 9 of the repository (I received today) lists the following numbers of ransomware incidents:

2 for 2013
6 for 2014
9 for 2015
82 for 2016
99 for 2017
68 for 2018
202 for 2019
173 for 2010 (until 20 June)

The total amount paid is unbelievable high! Even most amounts are undisclosed!

It is unbelievable!

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