Tuesday, July 28, 2020

IEDScout 5.00 Available - One of the Most Crucial Test Tools for IEC 61850

IEDScout is a well known test tool for most of the needed support in the communication with IEC 61850 compliant devices.
Omicron has released the version 5.00 ... providing crucial extensions compared to version 4.2:

IEDScout is a versatile software tool for working with IEC 61850 devices. With Version 5.0, IEDScout offers a new level of cyber security and powerful simulation utilizing the new MBX1/RBX1 hardware.
Additional improvements are:

  • IEDScout now supports function-related naming for logical devices
  • The icon set has been updated to provide a smooth user experience when used together with StationScout/StationGuard.
  • When writing data to an IED, IEDScout will now automatically update the “t” attribute of the data object.
  • Improved screen scaling for better readability on high resolution screens.
  • License information is now available in the configuration dialog.
  • OMICRON’s IEC 61850 library has been updated to include the latest developments in standardization and improve interoperability.
  • The usability of IEDScout is continuously improved based on expert reviews and customer feedback.
  • Several smaller tweaks and bug fixes improve overall performance and stability.

Click HERE for more information on IEDScout 5.0

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