Monday, July 20, 2020

IEC Just Published IEC TR 61850-7-5 ED1 - Modelling Concepts

IEC TC 57 just Published Draft IEC TR 61850-7-5 ED1 - IEC 61850 Modelling Concepts

(57/2253/DTR - 33 pages) - voting closes 2020-09-11

Excerpt from the introduction:

"The standard IEC 61850 provides a very broad range of data models covering as much as possible all application functions in the range of power utility automation. The modelling both in the domains and between the domains show differences which may impact the interoperability. Therefore, some informative guideline is helpful to reach a common approach in application function modelling. A lot of basic functionality is based on the concept of IEC 61850 and, therefore, the same for all application domains. As result, a basic cross-domain part as Technical Report is useful. Domain specific issues are addressed in the Technical Reports 7-5xx (e.g. IEC TR 61850-7-500 for substation automation)."

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