Monday, July 20, 2020

Improve the Quality of Your Standard With A Tissue Database

What is a Tissue Database? Tissue stands for Technical Issues - short Tissues.

One of the crucial challenges of maintaining and improving standard series like IEC 61850, IEC 62351, IEC 61400-25, ... is that usually standardization processes of the Standard Setting Organizations use text files (Word, pdf, ...) for publishing drafts and final documents. When it comes to manage and document errors and other problems, then quite often Excel Sheets are used ... or even just a text file.

This was the case in the IEC TC 57 regarding IEC 61850 after the first parts had been published. We often had a discussion like: Who has the latest Word Document with the Tissue Lists? When was it updated ... grrrr.

NettedAutomation GmbH developed the first version of the so-called IEC 61850 Database in 2004. 16 years later IEC uses a license of the improved tissue database (Tissue DB v.

Click HERE for the parts overview.

For the current Edition 2.1 of part 7-2 there are eight tissues listed:

Click HERE for 7-2 Ed 2.1.

The IEC 61850 tissue database is a very helpful tool to improve the quality of the standard series IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, and IEC 62351.

Contact NettedAutomation GmbH for an offer of a license of the NettedAutomation tissue database for your project.

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