Tuesday, August 22, 2017

No Gas No Electric Power - Yes, it Happend

Taiwan was hit recently by a massive blackout caused by simply closing two gas valves that powered six power generators with a total capacity of some 4,0000 MW or 4 GW!
How could that happen? The peak generation did not have reserve power. So the 4 GW tripped could not be compensated by other generations. It happens so fast!
The general stress was one aspect - another was an error made by humans, "almost 9 per cent of the island’s generation capacity, stopped after workers accidentally shut off its natural gas supply".

I am not aware of any details of the human error. One thing is clear: Our infrastructure is really under stress! It will take some efforts to get it fixed.

Click HERE for a news report.

We have really problems with existing and new infrastructures:

Check the pictures from the problems of the new train tunnel project in Rastatt (close to my home town Karlsruhe/Germany) ... you may read German as well ...

What happened? Who knows? Maybe the cheapest offer was awarded a contract ...
There is almost no redundancy in the Rhine river valley rail system ... redundancy costs money ...

It is a pity that new build infrastructure collapses and destroys old (still working) infrastructures.

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