Monday, August 7, 2017

ENTSO-E Just Published a New Update on Activities Related to IEC 61850

ENTSO-E is actively supporting the application of IEC 61850.

They believe that "The IEC 61850 Standard for the design of electrical substation automation addresses many crucial aspects of TSO communications, data modeling and engineering in order to reach seamless interoperability of different vendors’ subsystems within the TSO system management architecture."

ENTSO-E published an Update on their activities related to IEC 61850 in July 2017.

ENTSO-E Ad Hoc Group IEC 61850 continued to intensively work on the improvement of the IEC 61850 standard interoperability on two main domains:
  1. At information level (data semantic), the development of the ENTSO-E profile through the Interoperability Specification Tool (ISTool)
  2. At engineering level, by consolidating ENTSO-E requirements that have been formalized into a DC (Document for Comment), approved through the IEC National Committees (NC) voting process, and now encapsulated in the action plan of several task forces of the IEC TC 57 WG10
Click HERE for reading the complete the report.

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