Monday, May 15, 2017

IEC TC 88 Started Work on SCL for Wind Power Plants

WOW! IEC TC 88 has published a new work item proposal (88/621/NP) for the specification of extending the SCL (System Configuration Language):

Wind energy generation systems –
Part 25-7: Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants –
Configuration description language for communication in wind automation systems
related to IEDs

The objective of the NWIP is to describe the adoption of the System Configuration description Language (SCL) defined in IEC 61850-6 to the wind domain

"This part would extend the IEC 61400-25 series with a file format for describing communication-related IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) configurations of a wind turbine, wind power plant controller, metrological mast etc. The extension of SCL to wind domain would simplify integration of wind power plant equipment as well as their integration to the electrical system. The adoption of SCL allows formalised tool based exchange of IED parameters, communication system configurations, switch yard (function) structures, as well as description of the relations between them.
The purpose of this format is to formally and efficiently exchange wind turbine and wind power plant IED capability descriptions, and system descriptions between IED engineering tools and the system
engineering tool(s) of different manufacturers in a compatible way. The file format is also intended for providing report configuration and alarms as well as HMI interface information from a wind power plant. This information can be used to engineer overlying SCADA systems for the site, for connected DSO, TSO or fleet operators maintenance and surveillance systems. Finally, the SCL is intended as a documentation of the configuration and topology of the delivered system."

WOW! Why a WOW? During the fist years of standardization of the series IEC 61400-25 the proposal of applying and extending the SCL (IEC 61850-6) did not find enough support to start working on the issue! Time is passing and more and more experts understand the advantage of SCL!

Good luck.

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