Monday, May 15, 2017

IEC 61850-90-21 - New Project On Travelling Wave Fault Location System

IEC TC 57 just published a Proposal to develop an IEC Technical Report: IEC TR 61850-90-21: Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-21: Travelling wave fault location system

1. Describe the principles of fault location based on travelling waves aided by communications.
2. Specify use cases for this method under the following application scenarios:
   a. Single-ended fault location
   b. Double-ended fault location through peer-to-peer communications
   c. Double-ended fault location with communications to a master station
   d. Wide area fault location applications
   e. Pulse radar-type echo (Japanese) method
   f. Substation integration with other fault location and disturbance recording functions
   g. Testing and calibration
3. Describe the information model for each use case.
4. Give guidance on its applications and its communication requirements.
5. Give guidance on how to achieve co-existence and interoperability with different fault location techniques.
More to come.

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