Thursday, May 25, 2017

WWW - Water, Wine, and Watt-hours

When it comes to get prepared for a blackout, what do you need to survive? The "World Wide Web" (WWW) will likely not work anymore.

What's about "Water, Wine, and Watt-hours"? The new WWW.

It is still a challenge to store Watt-hours - a battery of, let's say 20 kWh would dry out within short time. It would not help in winter to survive. I would like to harvest the sun in summer, convert the electric kWh into hydrogen kWh or methane gas kWh and store it locally or somewhere outside the city.

In wintertime we could use it for heating and generate electricity.

I look forward to purchasing a system that could generate hydrogen or methane gas and store it. It may be round the corner - who knows.

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