Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ukrainian Power Grid -- Cyber Attack is a Wake-Up Call for All of us

"On December 23, 2015, the Ukrainian Kyivoblenergo, a regional electricity distribution company, reported service outages due to a third party’s illegal entry into the company’s computer and SCADA systems. ... the strongest capability of the attackers was not in their choice of tools or in their expertise, but in their capability to perform long‐term reconnaissance operations required to learn the environment and execute a highly synchronized, multistage, multisite attack. ..."

Click HERE for an interesting Report that provides "important details surrounding the attack, offering lessons learned, and recommending approaches to help the ICS community repel similar attacks."
This and other attacks are Wake-Up Calls for Everybody! We should be aware that to some extent this trend will impact us all one way or the other - sooner or later.
One thing is sure: The future secure delivery of electric power will require more resources and smart people!!

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