Saturday, February 27, 2016

Several new CDVs (related to power systems) available for public commenting

IEC TC 118 has just published the following two CDV documents:

118/55/CDVIEC 62746-10-1 Ed.1: Systems interface between customer energy management system and the power management system -
Part 10-1: Open automated demand response

118/56/CDVIEC 62939-3 Ed.1: Smart grid user interface -
Part 3: Energy interoperation services

The system committee Smart Energy has published:

IEC 62559-3/Ed1: Use case methodology -
Part 3: Definition of use case template artefacts into an XML serialized format

These CDVs are available for public comments according to IEC.

The published documents are really very interesting - I hope that especially the users community will study these documents in due time and provide comments through the public commenting process or through their national committees.

Please take some time to dig into the documents to some degree!

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