Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just published: Draft Technical Report IEC 61850-90-17 (Using IEC 61850 to transmit power quality data)

IEC TC 57 just publsihed the Draft Technical report (57/1676/DTR):
IEC 61850-90-17 TR: Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-17: Using IEC 61850 to transmit power quality data
Voting terminates on 2016-04-08

This document provides
Guidelines for using of IEC 61850 in the power quality application domain,
• Name space extensions required for power quality function assessment,
Profile for using IEC 61850 in the specific context of IEC 61000-4-30.
Specific Power Quality requirements that are not 100 % covered by existing Logical
Nodes (LN) or Common Data Classes (CDC) (e.g. LN for continuous power quality recorders,
LN for RVC…) are defined here.
The document defines a lot of configuration values for specific applications. This document helps to increase the interoperability to a high degree.

This document will serve as a very helpful Guideline in the Power Quality Domain.
Power Quality devices produce huge amounts of values .. these must be communicated with a variety of services: Read, Report, Log, or Files like COMTRADE, PQDIF, or COMFEDE. This TR discusses these for the various applications.

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