Saturday, February 13, 2016

SystemCorp Provides New Release of their famous IEC 61850 DLL

SystemCorp has published a New Release of their famous IEC 61850 DLL (Stack version V2.06.28).
Click HERE for the webpage.
Click HERE for the direct download.

Click HERE for the full release notes.

New Features of the Release V2.06.28
  • Added new API IEC61850_ControlTerminateCommand() to manually trigger command termination for the active control the server
  • Added support for Integer Controls with Enhanced Security, NOTE: Command Termination for INC controls is the responsibility of the user using the IEC61850_ControlTerminateCommand() API
  • Added new API IEC61850_SetOriginator() to set the originator orCat and orIdent for controls on the client
  • Added VLAN Tag to the Ethernet Headers for GOOSE and SV on Linux
  • Client and servers with GOOSE Subscription can now be recreated without restarting an executable
  • Edition 2 mode supports Domain names of length 64 bytes
  • Added Support for SCL Type ObjRef 
The new DLL could be used with the current C# client and server demo and evaluation applications:
Click HERE for the demo and evaluation.

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