Monday, August 17, 2015

Next IEC 61850 Training Opportunities in English and German

One of the crucial issues in Understanding IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 is education. NettedAutomation GmbH (Karlheinz Schwarz) has trained almost 4,000 experts from all over. We offer you the best courses ever conducted.

The other day I received this feedback:

It should be a seminar for the … partners with relation to IEC 61850 in the project (about 20 people) and hosted at xx in xxx – hopefully some time before the end of the year when the project ends.

We see you as the best candidate for providing this seminar and would therefore like to start a dialog on your conditions for this, like draft agenda, availability and price.


The ultimate goal is to have … tools for training people into using IEC61850.
Keep on the good work Karlheinz. I’m a big fan of yours.

We have scheduled several public training courses in German and English. The courses in English are conducted by Andreas Bonetti (FMTP, Senior protection engineer) and Karlheinz Schwarz; the courses in German are conducted by Karlheinz Schwarz

Karlsruhe (Deutsch, Karlheinz Schwarz):
02-04 Dezember 2015
11-13 Januar 2016
07-09 März 2016 (neues Datum)

Karlsruhe/Germany (English, Andrea Bonetti and Karlheinz Schwarz):
13-16 October 2015
18-21 April 2016 (new date)
10-13 October 2016

Stockholm/Sweden (English, Andrea Bonetti and Karlheinz Schwarz):
15-17 March 2016
19-22 September 2016

Dammam City/SA (English, Andrea Bonetti and Karlheinz Schwarz):
18-21 October 2015 EN 

Hong Kong (English, Andrea Bonetti and Karlheinz Schwarz):
17-19 November 2015


13-16 October 2015 EN Khe
18-21 October 2015 EN Dammam City
17-19 November 2015 EN Hong Kong
02-04 Dezember 2015 DE Khe
11-13 Januar 2016 DE Khe
07-09 März 2016 DE Khe (neues Datum)
15-17 March 2016 EN Sto
18-21 April 2016 EN Khe (new date)
19-22 September 2016 EN Sto
10-13 October 2016 EN Khe

Click HERE for more details on the courses in Deutsch.
Click HERE for more details on the courses in English.

Contact us by email in case you have any question.

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