Saturday, February 21, 2015

IEC 61850: Protection and SCADA Seminars (updated)

The IEC 61850 applied for several years to many new substation designs all over the world. During the seminar, truly experienced and vendor independent engineers will help you to see and understand how use the core parts of the IEC 61850 standard are applied in substation design, monitoring, protection and control applications.

Attendees will learn from a senior protection engineer, how the protection system will improve and understand the crucial lessons learned since the first projects with IEC 61850 in 2004.

Seminar contents:

IEC 61850 Introduction (Edition 1, 2, and 2.1) and experience after 10 years in operation. Where are we today?

Return of experience, applications and practical demonstrations: Protection and Control in Substation Automation, Engineering and Configuration, Maintenance, Monitoring and SCADA system, Specification of the IEC 61850 protection and control system.

Through the practical demonstrations you will learn: To handle IEC 61850 relay protections from different vendors and their software tools; to be able to efficiently manage flexibility in engineering and interoperability. To use the state of the art IEC 61850 testing tools and equipment to efficiently detect the technical problems and work-out their solutions. To understand SCL files, setup clients and servers for MMS communication to SCADA and RTU Systems All the presentations are supported by practical examples or demonstrations.

The following 3 days special training courses are offered by FMTP (Uppsala, Sweden) and NettedAutomation:

Hong Kong
27-29 April 2015
Details and registration

Berlin (Germany)
05-07 May 2015
Details and registration

Bratislava (Slovakia)
18-20 May 2015
Details and registration

Brussels (Belgium)
08-10 June 2015
Details and registration

I look forward to seeing you there.

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