Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Many NEW IEC 618850 Training courses in 2015 – especially for protection engineers

More than 10 years after the first substation have been equipped with IEC 61850 conformant devices, we see now the need for more education. Several new trainers have entered the market.

BUT: What about training for the most crucial engineers in the power delivery system: Advanced education of the many protection engineers? They need much more than to understand protocols (MMS, GOOSE, SV) and the configuration language! They need to understand how IEC 61850 impacts the whole protection system: When and HOW to use GOOSE for breaker failure protection? How implement interlocking schemas? And how to test systems based on IEC 61850?!? How to … What you should not do! We could answer all your questions.

These and many other questions MUST be answered by real protection engineers. One of the few well (with IEC 61850 experienced) protection engineers is Andrea Bonetti (FMTP). Andrea spent part of his time in Substations!! Watch his introduction in a 5 min video.

After the first joined course for protection and SCADA engineers in Prague last week, NettedAutomation and FMTP offer several new courses especially for protection and SCADA engineers during the next months:

26-29 January 2015
Guayaquil (Ecuador)

16-18 February 2015
Brussels (Belgium)

09-11 March 2015
Berlin (Germany)

27-29 April 2015
Hong Kong

18-20 May 2015
Bratislava (Slovakia)

Click HERE for details, program, and registration information.

Other dates and locations are under preparation.

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