Friday, December 19, 2014

What to do in case of a blackout? Belgium seems to be prepared

What would you do when lights are OFF during Christmas? How would you get prepared for a brownout or a blackout? Hm …

In Belgium people are informed officially to look at the four color “energy traffic light”:


  • Normale Situation (OK)
  • Risiko einer Stromknappheit (Risk of shortage)
  • Risiko einer Abschaltung (Risk of load shedding)
  • Abschaltung angekündigt (Load shedding planned)
  • FR

  • Situation normale
  • Risque de pénurie
  • Risque de délestage
  • Délestage annoncé
  • NL

  • Normale situatie
  • Risico op stroomtekort
  • Risico op afschakeling
  • Afschakeling aangekondigd
  • The color of the traffic light at the moment and many tips and hints are posted on the Website: OFF-ON.

    Would the website be ON or OFF in case of a blackout?!

    The Motto could be summarized: Switch more often OFF to stay ON … save energy to keep power flowing.

    I wish you light during the year-end season … and in 2015.

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