Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Models for Condition Monitoring: IEC 61850-90-3

IEC TC 57 just published a very comprehensive document (draft technical report, 57/1522/DTR) of 150 pages that suggests a lot of new models:

IEC 61850-90-3 TR:
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-3: Using IEC 61850 for condition monitoring diagnosis and analysis

The CMD (Condition Monitoring Diagnosis) which diagnoses power grid health status has been one of the major issues to improve the reliability of the power system by preventing a potential failure in advance. Since too many different information modeling, information exchange, and configuration techniques for CMD in various forms from many vendors are currently used, they need to be standardized in TC57.

The new document contains a lot of new Logical Nodes and Data Objects like for:

  • GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear)
  • Transformer
  • Load Tap Changer (LTC)
  • Under Ground Cable (UGC)
  • Transmission Line (TL)
  • Auxiliary Power System

Example of an extension of the very common Model for a tank (KTNK):

LevMaxSet - Maximum level reached setting
LevHlfSet - Half level reached setting
LevMinSet - Minimum level reached setting

LevMax - Maximum level reached
LevHlf - Half level reached
LevMin - Minimum level reached

Voting terminates on 2015-01-16

More to come.

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