Tuesday, November 4, 2014

IEC 61850 in China: More than 10,000 Substations with IEC 61850 Devices in Operation

One of the many responses to my newsletter dated 04 November 2014 informed me about the BIG SUCCESS of IEC 61850 in China.

In a 2 page fact sheet dated October 2014 the authors report that by now more than 10,000 Substations in China (35KV to 1000kV) are equipped with IEC 61850 compliant devices. The top four vendors have each more than 10,000 IEC 61850 compliant devices in operation.

I guess there have been more than 100.000 IEC 61850 compliant devices installed in the first 10 years after first substations equipped with IEC 61850.

More to come.

Click HERE for the 2 page fact sheet.

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