Sunday, September 21, 2014

ENTSO-E: IEC 61850 in Transport Systems for Electric Power is making good progress

The original scope of IEC 61850 in the late 90’s of the last century was “high voltage substations”. Utilities in the domain HV systems did participate in the beginning of the standardization and later-on showed-up seldom – untile recently. After realizing crucial issues in the inter-operation of devices and tools the ENTSO-E started to support the idea of IEC 61850 interoperability in HV substations.

The latest update on these efforts are documented on the ENTSO-E Website.

Click HERE to follow the update.

You will find many interesting topics discussed and useful links to other activities and opportunities to learn more about the success of IEC 61850. There are links to the special event during the IEC 61850 Europe Conference 2014 in Prague; and a link to the event:

The last slide presented at the ENTSO-E AhG IEC 61850 @ UCA Booth, Cigré 2014 is remarkable. It shows somebody who seems to have severe headaches:


Is this You!? I have seen many people that throw up their hands in despair.

You are not alone! We are here to help you: Training for all experts involved in high voltage substations by really experienced protection and communication experts:

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