Wednesday, December 30, 2009

IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal

IEEE has launched a new web portal on Smart Grid activities to support the many activities in the domain of making the grids smarter. The portal is intended to provide the "latest information on IEEE’s involvement in the area of Smart Grid including conferences, publications, standards, educational programs and public policy."

Click HERE to visit the portal.

The focus seems to be on North American solutions. The list of "IEEE Approved Standards Related to Smart Grid" ignores many other International Standards (e.g., published by IEC). The page "IEEE Smart Grid Standards in Development" lists more than 30 (!) standard projects related to smarter grids.

Which international organization is about to coordinate the development of standards for the many different aspects of smarter grids? There seems to be some competition. It would be advantage for the global community to have - more ore less - a single set of standards for smarter grids. IEC should play a crucial role in getting a consistent set of standards (including IEC/IEEE double logo standards) ... in order to prevent the situation we have in the international fieldbus standardization with tooooo many standard solutions in one (!) standard: IEC 61158.
Click HERE to see the list of filedbus standards.

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