Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interoperability for Intelligent Devices for Transportation

A very comprehensive set of standards for information models and information exchange has been published for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems; defined and used in the U.S.). One crucial objective is to reach Interoperability: "A standards-based approach to integration helps to facilitate the exchange of transportation data as well as more easily accommodate future equipment replacements, systems upgrades, and system expansions."

The standard NTCIP 1213, for example, defines a couple of information models that are also defined in IEC 61850.

NTCIP 1213 v02.19 (National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol -- Object Definitions for Electrical and Lighting Management
Systems (ELMS))

Examples of three phase voltages for Delta and Y, current and power:

BranchcircuitEntry::= SEQUENCE {
branchcircuitVoltageAB INTEGER,
branchcircuitVoltageBC INTEGER,
branchcircuitVoltageCA INTEGER,
branchcircuitVoltageAN INTEGER,
branchcircuitVoltageBN INTEGER,
branchcircuitVoltageCN INTEGER,
branchcircuitCurrent   INTEGER,
branchcircuitPower     INTEGER

These models are mapped to MIB (SNMP) and communicated, e.g., in ASN.1 BER - as is the case for IEC 61850-8-1. It would be nice to use the IEC 61850-7-4 MMXU (three phase electrical measurements for all applications - independent of transportation, distribution, generation, ...).

Smart Power Distribution Grids will have a lot of relations to Transportation Systems and vice versa.
No Power System - NO Transportation!

The NIST Smart Grid activities list the NTCIP part 1213 in the SGIP Identified Standards (number 31).

Click HERE for the ITS website ... provides free access to model and protocol standards, e.g. part 1213 can be accessed for free (registration required).
Click HERE for more information on the ITS Standards Background.

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