Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IEC 61850 - Hands-On Trainings in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo

Dear expert interested in the standard IEC 61850 for Substations and other Power Automation Systems,

NettedAutomation GmbH (Germany) and STRI (Sweden) are proud to announce possibility for two 3-day Hands-On Training sessions in Buenos Aires (12-14 August 2009) and Sao Paulo (19-21 August 2009).

This training has the objective to provide both theory and practice on the application of IEC 61850 in a substation or a smart grid. We cover the planning, design and engineering process for real applications all the way to configuration and testing based on a real multivendor test installation. The 3 day course consists of:

Module 1 gives a level 1 introduction to the IEC 61850 standard together with a summary with real applications and the demonstration of STRI facilities for multivendor interoperability testing.

Module 2 gives an independent and more detailed update on the IEC 61850 standard for substation and device modelling as well as communication principles with real examples.

Module 3 provides a IEC 61850 hands-on workshop demonstrating interoperability of protection and control devices from ABB and Siemens as well as testing techniques communicating over a substation Ethernet network.

The program will be similar to the Training session scheduled for Frankfurt (Germany) on October 20-23, 2009 - mainly the Modules 1, 2, and 4a (of the Frankfurt event) will be used for the events in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo:

Program and registration for the Frankfurt event [pdf]

The training is subject to minimum number of some 10 attendees. As we are traveling to South America for other events, we can offer these training sessions for a high discounted price of EURO 930 per person plus tax.

Please let us know by July 13, 2009 if you are interested to attend. Your feedback is essential in order to run the events.

We are confident, that our experience and service would meet all your expectations! You’d get first-hand, very comprehensive, vendor neutral and up-to-date knowledge, experience, and guidance.

Our experience profile can be found here:

We look forward to greeting you at one of our next training events.

If you are interested in a special in-house training for you and your people, please contact us.

Please feel free to forward this email to any colleagues who you think might be interested in one of the events.

Best Regards,

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