Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IEEE 1588 - Precision Clock Synchronization realized in Hirschmann Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann (Neckartenzlingen, Germany - a leader in Industrial Ethernet) claims to be one of first vendors that has implemented IEEE 1588 Precision Clock Synchronization.

Accurate time information is crucial for distributed automation systems in factories and power systems. The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) defined in IEEE 1588, supports synchronization of distributed clocks with an accuracy of less than 1 microsecond in an Ethernet networks.

Click HERE [pdf, 800KB, 20 pages] for a very helpful White Paper from Hirschmann that explains the synchronization basics ... in case you want to understand how IEEE 1588 functions.

The definition of a specific profile for power system (IEC 61850, especially IEC 61850-9-2) is currently under discussion and is expected to be available by end of 2009.

Click HERE [pdf] for a nice presentation by SEL (January 2008)

Click HERE [pdf] for a further reading on Why do we need time in Power Systems?

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