Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U.S. 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations: some $27 billion

According to a recent press release of the U.S. Committee on Appropriations the U.S. Department of Energy will have some $27 billion funding for 2010: "The Energy and Water Appropriations Bill is a key part of ongoing efforts to meet the infrastructure needs of the country and, after years of neglect, addressing the inadequacies of our national energy policies. This bill invests in new technologies, scientific research, and conservation efforts that will provide long term solutions to our energy needs and create jobs. ... And it continues to invest in the development of a new “smart grid” to ensure electricity delivery and energy reliability."

Excerpt of the Summary:

Total funding: DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY = $26.9 billion !!

- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: $2.25 billion

- Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability : $208 million:

  • Smart Grid Technologies: $62.9 million, $30 million above 2009, for smart grid research and
  • Energy Storage: $15 million, more than triple 2009, for research and development of grid-connected
    energy storage technologies.
  • Cyber Security: $46.5 million for energy delivery cyber security, an increase of $34.5 million from
    2009, to develop secure grid technologies as cyber attacks increase worldwide and the grid becomes
    increasingly network-connected.
  • Clean Energy Transmission and Reliability: $42 million to increase the efficiency of the grid and
    enable the widespread deployment of clean, domestic renewable energy.

- ...

Click HERE for the complete official Summary.

What is your Government providing? The German Government funds many projects. E.g., the E-Energy projects ... project budgets of some € 140 million for a 4-year term ... some € 35 million per year.

Click HERE for executive information on the E-Energy projects.

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