Friday, April 17, 2009

NERC refers to IEC 61400-25

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has published a special report “Accommodating High Levels of Variable Generation” on April 16, 2009 . The report discusses the planning and operation of the future power system with high volume of flexible grid resources like wind power or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. A crucial element in the future power delivery system will be the information and communication technology.

IEC TC 57 and TC 88 have published International Standards for most crucial aspects of future power delivery systems: IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 (extending IEC 61850 for wind power). The NERC report refers to IEC 61400-25 in clause 2.4.3:

"2.4.3. Power Management
For variable generation to provide power plant control capabilities, it must be visible to the system operator and able to respond to dispatch instructions during normal and emergency conditions. Real-time wind turbine power output, availability, and curtailment information is critical to the accuracy of the variable generation plant output forecast, as well as to the reliable
operation of the system. It is critical that the Balancing Area operator have real-time knowledge of the state of the variable generation plant and be able to communicate timely instructions to the plants. In turn, variable generation plant operators need to respond to directives provided by the Balancing Area in a timely manner. The need for this information was clearly illustrated during the restoration of the UCTE system following the disturbance of Nov. 9, 2006 when there was a lack of communications between distribution system operators (DSOs) and transmission system operators (TSOs) delayed the TSO’s ability to restore the bulk power system.

Therefore, as small variable generation facilities grow into significant plants contributing significantly to capacity and energy, balancing areas will require sufficient communications for monitoring and sending dispatch instructions to these facilities. (Foot note: An international standard communications protocol has been prepared, IEC 61400-25, Wind turbines – Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants – Overall description of principles and models, International Electrotechnical Commission, December, 2006).

Further, Balancing areas and generator owner/operators must ensure procedures, protocols, and communication facilities are in place so dispatch and control instructions can be communicated to the variable generation plant operators in a timely manner. Adequate communication of data from variable generation and enhanced system monitoring is not only a vital reliability requirement, but is also necessary to support the data analysis posed by other recommended NERC and Industry actions."

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