Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Industrial Plants - Easier Integration of Automation and Electrical Systems

Usually the automation of production processes (DCS - Distributed Control System) and the electrical distribution system in an industrial plant are two - more or less - independent systems. The electric energy is a very crucial raw material that needs be taken into account in the automation system of the production process.

ABB has focused on this integration during last week's Hanover Industrial Fair (HMI, Hanover Germany) pointing to IEC 61850 as an universal integration standard:

Excerpt from the news letter: "... What has been standard in the sector of power generation and supply is now also coming to effect in the process automation sector. The international standard IEC 61850 allows the integration of automation and electrification as well as energy distribution and management, thus providing
operators and other users with essential information on the overall system. If, for example, the targeted productivity of a plant does not tolerate process interruptions, the integrated communication allows to implement optimized failure scenarios for load shedding. The operator can
quickly respond and optimally use the energy available. Particularly for industries with high energy demand, the production capacities can be geared towards optimized consumption – costly peak loads can thus be avoided. ..."

ABB news letter [PDF: English - German]

Power plant projects that use IEC 61850 for system integration ... [PDF: English]

Use of IEC 61850 in Power Plants (hydro, wind, ...) [PDF: English]

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