Friday, April 24, 2009

Low voltage electrical measurements and general I/O's with IEC 61850

Camille Bauer (Switzerland) offers a measurement IED for electric distribution systems or industrial facilities compliant with IEC 61850. The IED can also be used as a Gateway for many other input and output signals. SINEAX CAM-POWER is designed for measurements in electric distribution systems or in industrial facilities.

The following Logical Nodes are supported:


The IED is a good example that demonstrates that advanced IEDs can run several applications: measurements, general I/O's or logic functions. The classical PLC (programmable logic controller) with its special hardware has been converted to a software that can run on almost any hardware platform with Ethernet, TCP/IP and upper layer protocols.

Protection IEDs have integrated Ethernet switches ... it is likely that classical Ethernet Switches will soon provide general I/O's and logic function. IEDs will become more multifunctional!

Upper layer protocols and other definitions like information models and configuration language according to IEC 61850 will play a crucial role in future automation systems.

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