Monday, January 5, 2009

Implementations of IEC 61400-25-6

Questions: I work at xx unit of utility-industry in xxx and help some energy companies with their future IT support for the handling of wind power production.
This also leads to some help with the requirements of the position before the contracts. I have a long background from both SCADA and maintenance systems.
Saw on the Internet that you are the project manager for IEC 61400-25-6 for Condition Monitoring and want to ask a few questions I hope you will be friendly to answer.

Question 1: What is the status of the expanded standard for Condition Monitoring IEC 61400-25-6?

The project team TC 88 PT is preparing the so-called FDIS document (final draft international standard). We have our next meeting scheduled for next week at DS in Copenhagen.

I hope that we reach the standard in June or so.

Question 2: How far has the commercial deployment come?

The part 25-6 uses parts 25-2 (many information models for WPP - some can be used for condition monitoring) and 25-4 (service mappings) and IEC 61850. The core software to be implemented is according to IEC 61850 ... IEC 61850 is widely deployed for substation automation systems. Most of the software etc can be re-used for 25 and 25-6.

IEC 61400-25 support is offered by e.g. Beckhoff:

and by Bachmann:

Question 3: Which vendors have implemented server and client?

Servers: see above.

Clients are available from various vendors: ABB, Siemens, ...

Question 3: Are there any deployed system? Operating Experience?

A lot with IEC 61850!! Siemens reported that they have installed 50.000+ devices and 1.000+ systems.

Most of these experiences could be applied for wind power applications and especially for condition monitoring.

There is a lot of very good experience!

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