Friday, January 2, 2009

USE61400-25 User Group Website online

The USE61400-25 user group's website is online.

The users group has the main objective to simplify the application of the International Standard IEC 61400-25 and to support users implementing the standard within the wind power industry.

The IEC standard series 61400-25 provides a solution for access to wind power plant information with standardized data names and semantic. It gives possibilities to procure monitoring and control solutions as separate parts, and to use a single system to store, analyze and present wind power information. In addition the standard opens up for control and monitoring of information from different wind turbine vendors in a homogeneous manner - to provide interoperable intelligent devices.

The use of a standard communication solution are beneficial for all parties - vendors, system integrators as well as the customer ...

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Access the Users Group's website

One page introduction to IEC 61400-25 / IEC 61850

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