Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Who can tell you what IEC 61850 really is?

Has ever someone learned what IEC 61850 really provides
from product presentations of vendors? Maybe to some extent?

How do people understand and learn what the standard series IEC 61850 really offers to the protection, automation and supervision of energy systems and what this all means for their application (as vendor, user, consultant, ...)?
A bit by reading power point presentations and papers ... and listen to presentations ... and to some extent by attending presentations and hands-on exercises conducted by equipment and tool vendors.
Is this enough?
If you are happy with the products - without understanding how far IEC 61850 is really implemented - then you could go and ... quite often at the end of the day you may learn that you got far to less

or far too much compared to what the standard would provide for your needs:

You need more vendor-independent information and experience from long-term experts like Andrea Bonetti (FMTP) or Karlheinz Schwarz (SCC). Sure, any demonstration or hands-on exercise of any IEC 61850 feature requires products like the great IEDScout of Omicron or ... BUT: the products implement just a fraction of what IEC 61850 is all about.
If you want to learn the Philosophy of IEC 61850 and compare it with the many different other approaches like IEC 60870-5-104, or other products, then you need independent information and experience. And finally you need to understand how the product X of vendor A compares to the product Y from vendor B.
To meet two of the most experienced experts and discuss with them your needs, doubts and complains, ... please register for the next training courses in Stockholm next week or in Karlsruhe in May.
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See you soon.
After the education of more than 4,000 attendees I know what people need ... and what they get by vendor-driven "education".

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